Phila Massages


Phila Massages is a leading sports massage company in Philadelphia. 

Our goal is to provide the best environment where the best therapists can excel at what they do best: providing exceptional massages to both amateur and professional athletes. 

If you’re looking for a place where you can maximize your income, without worrying about logistics and work alongside expert peers: Phila Massages is the place for you.

Keep scrolling to discover why joining our team is the right career move for you.

What We Offer 

Compensation & Benefits

Hyper Competitive Compensation

We go beyond by offering a highly competitive compensation model that reflects your skills and specialization. As an added benefit, our innovative model allows you to earn more as you deliver more massages within a two-week period, ensuring your earnings reflect your dedicated work.

Flexible Shifts

Find what shifts work for you by simply opening your calendar for when you want to be booked. The more you open your calendar, the more massages you perform, the more you get compensated.

Sports Massage Therapy Expertise

As opposed to many other spas, you get to perform sports massages for professional and amateur athletes, that integrate massages as part of their recovery routine. Additionally, we provide the opportunity to participate in well renowned local sports events, learn from experts in the field (your coworkers), and leverage training from our co-founder (who is a certified CEU provider, from the board of massage therapy).

Hassle-Free Logistics

Show up, perform, and go. We’ll take care of the rest: payment system, location cleaning, ordering supplies, marketing promotions, events registration, legal entities registration, etc. Our goal is to allow you to focus on what you do best: exceptional massages.

What We Expect

Massage Therapy Qualifications

Valid and License Massage Therapy
1-3 years of sports massage experience
Love and enthusiasm for massage therapy as a recovery complement
Massage Therapy
Interview Process

Screening with back office manager
Technical interview with senior massage therapist
Final review with Phila Massages leadership
Massage Therapy
Day To Day

Understanding of mobile applications for checkout
Basic understanding of how to use and respond to emails
Great client contact, and adapting to their need
Self-sufficiency to perform massages with no supervision

Join The Team!

We’re always recruiting for full time & part time positions. If you’re interested in applying, send us an email at including:
Cover letter including: in two paragraphs, choose a time you came across an athlete with a specific injury and review the steps you took as a MT to help him/her get back on the road to recovery
Valid license information
Valid insurance information
Valid CPR information