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About Us

Phila massages is a sports massage company that has been operating in the Philadelphia area since 2010. We provide specialized sports massage therapy to athletes, active individuals, and anyone seeking targeted therapeutic massage to expedite recovery and enhance well-being.

Natacha, a French physical therapist, co-founded the company with the mission of offering science-based modalities while steering clear of passing health fads in the sports world. Our techniques primarily involve deep tissue massage and stretching, accompanied by client education and self-care practices. As part of our commitment to comprehensive care, we have compiled a wealth of articles in our Free Resources section, written by our therapists over the years. These articles provide valuable insights into self-care routines, injury recovery, and more. They serve as a supplement to our massages, empowering clients to apply the lessons learned during a session to their home routines, thereby increasing their chances of a successful recovery.

All our therapists are skilled and trained professionals who take pleasure in the technical aspects of sports massage. They excel at identifying and treating problematic areas, offering personalized advice for at-home care, and witnessing tangible results!

The inspiration for phila massages took shape when Natacha volunteered her massage services during a 24-hour relay running event held at Lloyd Hall (known as 20In24) while her husband Paul raced in it. The experience of assisting athletes during the race and sharing in the vibrant atmosphere proved to be incredibly fulfilling, sparking the idea to establish a sports massage company. With Natacha’s expertise in physical therapy and Paul’s passion for competitive running, they joined forces with talented therapists in the region to bring this vision to life.

As a small business, we take pleasure in partnering with local events and like-minded enterprises. You may spot our massage tables at various locations throughout the city, including racing events, yoga studios, and stair challenges.

We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to one of our offices, provide services in the comfort of your own home, or meet you at a local event!